Here is a short introduction to my work as a psychotherapist:

Developing a therapeutic relationship requires that you and I work together to create a connection though which healing can occur.

When a psychotherapist listens well and together you discuss your unique experience, your worries seem less mystifying and you develop more caring towards yourself. When you talk in a place where your ideas about yourself are received with empathy and kindness, where you can be curious about yourself, patterns that seemed set can change. You learn to understand yourself better and to cope in new ways that feel empowering.

I know that we have all experienced problems in our relationships at one time or another. As a relational psychotherapist I help you to mend bumps and breaks that sometimes occur in relationships. I will work very hard to tune in to your experience, moment to moment, session to session, so that you will feel heard and understood in your relationship with me.

That is not all that I do. I also have a good understanding of the suffering that can be caused by other life situations, such as current or past stresses, family issues, work issues, loss, childhood or adult trauma, mental health symptoms, addictions, and eating disorders, to name some.

We all deserve to have fulfillment in life, satisfying relationships, and a sense of aliveness and well-being. Psychotherapy can help with that.

You might want to do short-term work, or you might want to talk about problems that have prevented you from enjoying your life, or feeling well, for a very long time. I recognize that.

I understand the importance of helping you to be mindful and present, of helping you to be in a relationship with yourself where you can unravel what troubles you and lessen confusion about past or current events.

I know that psychotherapy is not a quick fix and that I will not be able to tell you how to live your life; but that I can help you to strengthen your sense of self. I also know that you might not know how to go about it when we first start. Here my presence, support, reflections and knowledge can guide.